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Ey Iran - Iran National Anthem (unofficial) Easy Sheet Music Free for piano, keyboard, flute, violin, sax, cello page 1
Ey Iran - Iran National Anthem (unofficial) Easy Sheet Music Free for piano, keyboard, flute, violin, sax, cello page 2
Ey Irân ey marze por gohar
Ey xâkat sarcešmeye honar
Dur az to andišeye badân
Pâyande mâni to jâvedân
Ey došman ar to sange xâreyi, man âhanam
Jâne man fadâye xâke pâke mihanam

Mehre to con šod pišeam
Dur az to nist andišeam
Dar râhe to key arzeši dârad in jâne mâ
Pâyande bâd xâke Irâne mâ

Sange kuhat dorro gohar ast
Xâke daštat behtar az zarast
Mehrat az del key borun konam
Bargu bimehre to cun konam
Tâ gardeše jahâno dowre âsemân bepâst
Nure izadi hamiše rahnamâye mâst


Irân ey xorram behešte man
Rowšan az to sarnevešte man
Gar âtaš bârad be peykaram
Joz mehrat dar del naparvaram
Az âbo xâko mehre to serešte šod gelam
Mehr agar borun ravad tohi šavad delam


O Iran! O land of gems abound!
Thy soil nurtureth masters liberal.
Far be from Thee the enemies' method;
May Thou remain lasting and eternal.
O enemy, if thou art of rock, I am of steel.
My life I sacrifice for my land’s noble soil.

Thy love hath become my lead,
My thoughts are never far from Thee.
For Thee my life worthless and hopeless may be,
May the land of Iran eternal be!

Thy peaks are of gems and jewels made,
Soil of Thy fields richer than gold.
Tell me what to do without Thy love?
If ever from my heart departed.
Whilst the universe and heavens wheel,
Forever shall the Divine Light lit our trail.


O Iran, O my beautiful hearth!
Bright is my destiny because of Thee.
Even if fire on my body raineth,
Only shall I exult with Thy love heartily.
Of Thy love, water and Thine earth I am,
Should love depart, earthen shall my heart become.

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